ReiKi Attunements are becoming more and more popular as people awaken to their inner calling to be healers.

When one feels called to become attuned to this ancient healing modality, it is my understanding that there are certain Ascended Masters and Archangels, like Archangel Michael and Raphael, who will step forward to guide you in your path as a healer.

Reiki attunements and regular practice of Reiki in your daily life will result in clearing your energy blocks and create pure magic in your life!

distant reiki healing

Distant ReiKi Attunements & Training

Since we know that energy is not bound by time and space, it is possible to receive the attunement over a distance.

All Distant Reiki Attunements + Training are conducted via Skype or Zoom via a video connection.

To allow for time zone differences, the training and attunement may be applied over 2 to 3 online sessions. If you prefer to do a self study course then you can receive the attunement on its own for half price.

Students will receive a PDF Reiki Manual, Student Handbook & Training Notes along with their Reiki Certificate upon completion.

Local ReiKi Attunements & Training

Local Reiki Training & Attunements are conducted at the studio in Tokai, Cape Town. (See Find Us below.)

All Local Training & Attunements are conducted on a One-on-One basis (unless otherwise specified) and include Training Notes & a Reiki Certificate.

A light vegan lunch is also included in the price.

Allow for approx. 6 hours (from 10am to 4pm).

About the Attunements

ReiKi attunements are almost always a very special and profound Spiritual experience for the Student whether they are done distantly or hands-on locally. This ancient healing modality will give value to your life in ways that will astound you. How much this energy will enhance your life, depends entirely on how much time you are willing to dedicate to working with the energy.

I always suggest Students follow their inner guidance and intuition and if in doubt ask Archangel Michael or their Higher Self or Spiritual Guide for guidance.

Having worked with this energy since 2014, I believe that it is the energy itself that becomes The Teacher through your close interaction and relationship with the energy itself, and the Ascended Masters and Archangels just act as a guiding Light. They will help you develop a deeper understanding of the magical healing properties of this energy as long as you are open and receptive to receiving their guidance.

The ReiKi attunements themselves have a very powerful balancing and healing effect for the Student. Since energy spins at different levels of vibration and frequency, there are 3 levels of attunement:

distant reiki healing

ReiKi Level I

Attunement & Training – US$120 (ZAR1200)

Attunement Only – US$60 (ZAR600)

The Student is given the basic Reiki Training at this level and is attuned into the energy of Reiki. At this level the Student can use the ReiKi Energy to heal themselves and give hands-on healing to others and even pets.

The Student’s chakras are aligned to the receiving Reiki healing energy as a form of energy healing.

Reiki Level 1 Course Outline:

  • What is Reiki Energy;
  • The Origins and brief history of Reiki;
  • The 5 Principles of Reiki and why we use them each day;
  • Understanding the Energy Body  – including the 7 Chakras, the Meridians and Nadi’s;
  • What to expect from this attunement;
  • Attunement process into the Reiki energy;
  • Energy experiment;
  • How to practice self-healing;
  • Healing others and pets;
  • Other ways in which we can use Reiki energy;
  • Discussion Q & A.

distant reiki healing

ReiKi Level 2

Attunement & Training – US$160 (ZAR1600)

Attunement Only – US$80 (ZAR800)

A Student who has been attuned to Level 1 is allowed to proceed to Level 2. At this  level the student is given 3 Symbols, the Power Symbol, the Emotional/Mental Healing Symbol and the Distance Healing Symbol. The Student is attuned into a higher frequency of Reiki Energy, which is passed to the Student through the Reiki Master. At this level, the Student is enabled to send Reiki healing energy through time and distance.

This level of Reiki opens your chakra energy centers to receive a greater capacity of healing energy from the Reiki Masters resulting in a greatly enhanced healing capacity. You will feel more confident and empowered as well. With Reiki level 2 certification you can begin a career as a professional Reiki Practitioner.

Reiki Level 2 Course Outline:

  • A  revision of what was covered in Reiki Level 1 training;
  • The significance of the Symbols and how to use them;
  • How distance healing works;
  • Uses for distant healing in our World today;
  • How to practice distant healing;
  • What to expect from this attunement;
  • The Attunement process – receiving / encoding the energy body with the 3 Reiki Symbols;
  • Practice;
  • Discussion Q & A.

distant reiki healing

Reiki Level 3 Master

Attunement & Training – US$220 (ZAR2200)

Attunement Only – US$110 (ZAR1100)

A Student who has been attuned to Level 2 is allowed to proceed to Master Level after a period of at least 3 to 6 months and the honor of receiving this level of attunement is at the discretion of the Reiki Master. At this level the Student receives the Master Symbol, and an even higher frequency of Reiki Energy is applied. This level opens the energy centers even further to allow for a deeper level of Reiki healing energy to be channeled through them.

As a Reiki Master, the Student is empowered to pass on this ancient healing modality to others. During the ReiKi attunement process, the ReiKi Master acts as the facilitator and an open channel for the Universal Life Force Energy of ReiKi to be received by the Student. The Energy is received by the Student through the Crown chakra at the top of the Student’s head and down through the body and out through the hands and feet.

Reiki Level 3 Course Outline:

  • The significance of this level of Reiki healing;
  • The level of commitment required to be a Reiki Master and what it means;
  • The purpose of the Master Symbol;
  • What to expect from this attunement;
  • Attunement process – receiving the Master Symbol;
  • How to attune others;
  • Discussion Q & A.

Please click on the button below if you would like to become attuned to Reiki.

Thank you! Namasté

In the past week I have received reiki healing from Debbie as well as Reiki Level I certification and both were fantastic! Debbie came to my home in Llandudno to give myself and two of my friends a private reiki training and we all ended the class feeling empowered, educated, and revived. I highly recommend Debbie for any reiki services!

Siera Flores ~ Llandudno Cape Town, South Africa

Reiki Level 1

Debbie…thanks so much for making this such an epic day ! I’m cruising in another realm right now 😊 thank you for the delicious lunch and most of all your love and light. 🙏🏼

Rob March ~ Cape Town, South Africa

Reiki Master Healer, Travelling Reiki Master

I received the Diamond Light Reiki Attunement from Debbie in early February this year. I have 20+ years experience as a Reiki  Master & Teacher. This attunement is exceptional. It is the strongest yet. I felt the Diamond sphere come into my energy field at my solar plexus, it sent rainbow colors all through me, anchored in to Mother Earth, and then expanded out into the Universe. It is wonderful and balancing and beautiful! I highly recommend Diamond Light Reiki for everyone, whether for healing self, or for the attunement experience itself. Thank you Debbie!

Ellyn Schroeder

Reiki Master Healer and Teacher, The Light Path

My experience in learning ReiKi is beyond any expectations. Debbie is an excellent teacher and gave me so much information & tips in using ReiKi in everyday life. Receiving the ReiKi Attunement is a wonderful gift. I felt completely rejuvenated after ReiKi 1. I was so excited that I could heal myself and channel ReiKi through my body. I felt the energy flowing through my whole being. After practicing ReiKi on myself for a certain period I felt ready for the next Level and contacted Debbie to discuss with her the next step. Debbie is a real Master – patient, supportive, passionate, gifted and experienced. She welcomes you with a beautiful smile and delivers the knowledge very clearly and in an understandable way. When I received ReiKi 2, I felt the flow of the Life force energy more intensive as before. Each level of Diamond Light ReiKi made me feel more relaxed and gave me a deeper understanding of ReiKi and myself. Once I received the Master Level, my connection intensified. This is Life changing! I really appreciate Debbie for putting so much effort into teaching her experience and know how. Thank you Debbie! I would certainly recommend this to anyone that feels guided to learn ReiKi. For me, it was exactly what I wanted. Thank you! ~ Daniela, Germany.”

Daniela Vogt

Reiki Master Healer & Teacher, Lotus Light