What is Reiki Energy?

Simply put, Reiki energy is Universal Life Force Energy. It is the energy that beats your heart and grows babies from a single fertilized ovum. It is the energy that powers all living things. It is all powerful and its Source is infinite.

You can assist in your healing by maintaining a positive outlook and holding an attitude of gratitude for the energy you are receiving from the Universe. Allow yourself to receive the energy with an open mind and with the intention of being healed. Also note that this energy has supreme consciousness and it knows where to go and what is needed for healing to occur. You may feel thirsty or feel a great need to eat certain foods. This is the energy guiding you to assist your body in the healing process. It is advisable to stay away from alcohol and any other form of stimulant whilst receiving the energy.


Who can have Reiki?

  • Anyone, even if you are pregnant you can enjoy the benefits of Reiki;
  • Anyone suffering from disease, even if you are suffering from a serious illness like cancer;
  • People who suffer from depression and anxiety disorders;
  • People who suffer from inflammation from arthritis etc.;
  • Headache and migraine sufferers;
  • People who are needing to strengthen their immune system etc.;
  • Basically anyone, even children, babies, unborn babies and even pets.

Reiki is a non-invasive and an extremely effective form of healing. It is 100% safe. You cannot be given too much, or too little. It works in accordance with your individual needs.


Do I need Reiki?

Yes, everyone needs this Universal Life Force energy! It is not just for people who are in need of healing from an illness. Everyone needs healing on some level to help re-balance and re-align their body systems. Reiki will help to restore balance to the body by removing blocked energy from the body’s energy centers or chakra’s, to facilitate free flowing energy within the meridians and nadis.

When these blockages are cleared you will feel lighter and freer. The idea is to keep clearing and keep cleaning out the clutter as you take on more and more higher frequency energy into your energy body. Negative or discordant energy will keep you blocked and ‘stuck’ in old belief patterns and negative thought forms attracting more of the same for you. Energy needs to flow!


What can I expect with Reiki?

Reiki is the energy that sparks life force energy into the electrons which make up every cell, tissue, membrane, bone etc., in your physical body. And what happens when there are electrons that spin out of the natural frequency of healthy tissue etc., then illness occurs through this imbalance. This can be felt as mental and emotional imbalance, or physically in some form of dis-ease or discomfort.

spinning electrons energy

There is nothing Reiki cannot help heal, even mental exhaustion and stress is relieved. Reiki is all knowing as well, which we call omniscient, so it knows exactly what to do to heal the body and mind.

During a session, which we can either conduct over Skype or remotely at a suitable time, all you would do is to lie down comfortably to receive the energy.

We suggest that you rest afterwards, as Reiki is different to modern healing methods. It is not a pill you can take, and then carry on doing what you were doing before. Through this energy your body systems will be re-balanced, and therefore you may have to make some lifestyle changes, or change eating habits. The body is quite communicative in that respect. Pain is always an indication that there is a problem in a specific area, and slowly but surely the problem will be resolved.

Reiki is not a bandaid solution. With Reiki we are addressing the cause of the issue rather than just the symptom, thereby creating lasting healing effect. Sometimes if one is experiencing pain, the Reiki energy will provide complete relief, which will be felt immediately or within a few hours. I’ve had clients experience this, as I have many times myself.

The energy is quite safe, and I always work with the highest beings of light to assist me in bringing through the energy, and I also call in the protection of the angels, and Archangel Michael, who is my primary guide. Basically they do the healing work, and I act as the grounding cord and facilitator for the energy to be transmitted.

If you have any specific area of concerns then that would be focused on of course. Healing is always in accordance with your Souls highest purpose and best intention for you, and therefore you cannot receive this energy in a wrong way.

The first time I came across Debbie was for Guidance! She and Archangel Michael helped me to heal from a very painful break up! Debbie is such loving, beautiful soul and a very gifted energy healer! I feel so grateful for her support and healing. She is very much in tune with the angelic realm and works very closely with Archangel Michael as they have a deep bond. My first ReiKi experience with Debbie was very calming and relaxing. I felt a little tingling sensation. After the ReiKi treatment I felt joyful and loved. My vibration was lifted into a state of bliss and happiness, while I felt a little sad before the ReiKi session. The wonderful presence of Debbie already lifted my Mind-Set just before the Reiki Healing started. It is such an amazing experience that I am so happy to have done for myself! Ever since I enjoy very much each ReiKi session with Debbie and Archangel Michael. Each time, more layers are lifted and unexpected memories came to the surface for healing. The Diamond Light ReiKi works very gentle and goes to where it is needed the most. I can even sense now, where the energy works and feel the stored energy being released from my tissues. Most of the time I feel a warm sensation at my back! I love the experience of ReiKi so much that I decided to ask Debbie for a ReiKi Attunement! Archangel Michael and Debbie agreed on giving me the ReiKi Attunement. I was very excited and happy to receive such a powerful Healing System. I am thrilled that I decided to take the step to learn Reiki and I know that I will definitely use it every day in my life, it’s a beautiful gift to have received and I would recommend it to anyone. Thank you Debbie and Archangel Michael for your help, guidance, healing, support and trust in me!

I Love you. Thank you! Daniela ~ Germany

Love Mind Matter