Personal Breakthrough Healing Sessions

This Personal Breakthrough Healing Intensive is a 4 week life-changing experience that will assist you and empower you towards living the life of your dreams. Over a 4 week period we will break through emotional and mental blocks that are holding you back and preventing you from experiencing a deeper and more fulfilled life.

The healing is achieved at a deep cellular level within the physical, emotional and mental bodies. During the Intensive Healing process, you will:

  • Release emotional blocks that are causing you to feel stuck and are holding you back;
  • Clear blocked energy that is causing ill-health, ongoing physical issues, relationship issues, financial issues etc.;
  • Clear unhealthy and non-serving patterns of behavior like low self-esteem, fear and anxiety, emotional eating etc.;
  • Overcome emotional trauma and causes of depressed behavior;
  • Experience healing on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

4 Week Personal Breakthrough Healing IntensiveUS$480

  • 4 One-Hour Skype sessions over a 4 week period and
  • 4 Half-Hour Distant ReiKi Healing sessions.

In each Skype session I will help you to identify non-serving patterns of behavior and beliefs that are causing your energetic blocks.

You will receive an intense Reiki healing session at an agreed time – usually just before bedtime or during sleep time. These sessions are designed to break through energetic blocks in your energy centers or chakras. We prefer to do these sessions at bedtime or in sleep state because the body is much more receptive to the healing energy when the mind is relaxed.

Once you’ve made the decision to change your life, there is no holding back! The ReiKi energy will work with you to help you in every possible way to enrich and enhance your living experience.

This personal breakthrough healing is a profound Spiritual experience regardless of any expectation you may have. You will become closer to discovering your True Self and Soul. You may begin to experience enhanced perception and increased awareness of your Spiritual Guides and Guardian Angel.

 You are the Star of your own creation, like the Sun rising on the horizon to awaken the World

~ The Pleiadians