FREE Reiki Healing Circle

Each day we, my Spiritual Team and I,  transmit healing energy around the World. If you would like to receive this powerful healing energy, simply ask your Higher Self for the energy. We are all interlinked and connected through our ONE Unity Consciousness.

Energy knows no time and space and is infinite by its very nature. Energy travels faster than the speed of Light, so it doesn’t matter where you are in the World, you will still receive the healing energy through your intention to receive it. The healing is always transmitted in accordance with your Divine Will and for your Highest and best intention at all times.

This healing energy is also being transmitted to ALL who are in need of healing, not only humanity, but also to the Elementals, the Dolphins and Whales, the Plant Kingdom, Mineral Kingdom, and to every other living aspect of the Planetary Body of our Beloved Gaia.

If you are a Reiki healer, or if you feel guided to join in our healing of Planet Earth, simply hold this intention during your daily meditation rituals with the Higher aspect of your Self, and trust that your intention is carried out to perfection!