Distant Reiki Healing Sessions

Energy is not bound by space and time, therefore it is possible to send the energy anywhere in the world and it will reach its intended recipient, you, within an instant. Overlighted by Archangel Michael, and assisted by the Ascended Reiki Masters, and the Elementals, the precious Diamond Light energy is transmitted at a designated time suited to you.  There are two options available to you in which you can receive the energy:

  1. We connect via a LIVE Skype Video Call where you can interact with me and ask questions etc.,
  2. We send the energy remotely at a time designated by yourself.

Either way you receive the energy is perfect. You can be lying down or sitting comfortably in your favorite chair, or if you prefer, you may receive it during the evenings when you are sleeping.  Archangel Michael will overlight the healing session to ensure that you receive the energy perfectly in every way.


Half-Hour Distant Reiki Healing Sessions – Please choose below:

Please note that these are powerful healing sessions, so please be kind to your body and drink plenty fresh filtered water and take the time to rest sufficiently after you have received the healing energy.  With each session, you will feel lighter as more and more of the blocked dense energy is cleared away.

During the session, you may feel a slight warmth moving down your spinal column and/or a tingling sensation in the area’s being worked on. This is normal. Don’t be alarmed if you feel nothing. Not everyone is sensitive to energy, but that doesn’t mean the energy is not working for you. You may also feel emotional as blocked energy is released. Sometimes people will cry and not know why. This is also okay. Just be willing to let the sadness, or whatever other emotion arises, be released.

What is Reiki Energy?

Simply put, Reiki energy is Universal Life Force Energy. It is the energy that beats your heart and grows babies from a single fertilized ovum. It is the energy that powers all living things. It is all powerful and its Source is infinite.

You can assist in your healing by maintaining a positive outlook and holding an attitude of gratitude for the energy you are receiving from the Universe. Allow yourself to receive the energy with an open mind and with the intention of being healed. Also note that this energy has supreme consciousness and it knows where to go and what is needed for healing to occur. You may feel thirsty or feel a great need to eat certain foods. This is the energy guiding you to assist your body in the healing process. It is advisable to stay away from alcohol and any other form of stimulant whilst receiving the energy.

Who can have Reiki?

  • Anyone, even if you are pregnant you can enjoy the benefits of Reiki;
  • Anyone suffering from disease, even if you are suffering from a serious illness like cancer;
  • People who suffer from depression and anxiety disorders;
  • People who suffer from inflammation from arthritis etc.;
  • Headache and migraine sufferers;
  • People who are needing to strengthen their immune system etc.;
  • Basically anyone, even children, babies, unborn babies and even pets.

Reiki is a non-invasive and an extremely effective form of healing. It is 100% safe. You cannot be given too much, or too little. It works in accordance with your individual needs.

Do I need Reiki?

Yes, everyone needs this Universal Life Force energy! It is not just for people who are in need of healing from an illness. Everyone needs healing on some level to help re-balance and re-align their energy body. Reiki will help to restore balance to the body by removing blocked energy from the body’s energy centers or chakra’s. When these blockages are cleared you will feel lighter and freer. The idea is to keep clearing and keep cleaning out the clutter as you take on more and more higher frequency energy into your energy body. Negative or discordant energy will keep you blocked and ‘stuck’ in old belief patterns and negative thought forms attracting more of the same for you. Energy needs to flow!

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or message me if you have any other questions concerning Reiki.

Thank you!