Energy is not bound by space and time, therefore it is possible to send the energy anywhere in the world and it will reach its intended recipient, you, within an instant. Over-lighted by Archangel Michael, and assisted by the Ascended Reiki Masters, and the Elementals, the precious Diamond Light Reiki energy is transmitted at a designated time suited to you. 

There are two options available:

  1. We connect via a LIVE Skype Video Call where you can interact with me and ask questions etc., OR
  2. We send the energy remotely at a time designated by yourself.

Either way you receive the energy is perfect. You can be lying down or sitting comfortably in your favorite chair, or if you prefer, you may receive it during the evenings when you are sleeping.  Archangel Michael will overlight the healing session to ensure that you receive the energy perfectly in every way.


Please make your selection below:
The healing was great again! I went to a deep meditation with My Beloved afterwards! I wasn’t able to see much this time, but when I woke up , I felt lighter and at peace !
The healing is amazing! I do hope it will speed up the process of clearing and cleansing exponentially …but I do feel so much better!…And my heart is bubbly and I can almost hear it sing! ( can you believe that? ) Amazing !!!! Thank you for the healing! Amazing ! amazing ! amazing ! I feel like night and day !
Genoveva – New Jersey, USA

First, when I laid down on my bed the pain on my back and butt was overwhelming because all the scratching had made my skin raw, but I made myself lie back down and boom! I felt you zero in on my solar plexus. It was so strong that I almost felt that it was holding me down! The energy felt like a strong current that covered the width of my body, like a wide band, and continued until I was completely relaxed (that took several minutes) and eventually the pain began to dissipate. First from my arms, then my legs, my belly and then slowly from my back and began to lessen on my bottom. Have you ever had high-powered drugs for pain? It felt like that at first–the drug makes you feel so relaxed and good that you know you are still in pain, but you don’t care! That is how I felt until the energy quelled the pain. 
This current was strong!!! Then I could feel when you stopped. My butt still hurt some, but after a few more minutes, all that pain was gone too. Then…this was so wild!…my crown chakra began tingling and the buzzing spread until the sensation went down my head to my ears. Then there was pressure on the top of my head in addition to the tingling that became rather uncomfortable. It felt that the top of my head was opening and being drilled down into my head, so that it was a cone-shaped opening with the point facing down. I think it went down to my pineal gland, it was in the middle of my head and my 3rd eye began buzzing too. And this lasted at least 10 minutes is my guess. And then that sensation gradually returned to normal and I was able to get up and move around. That spinning cone would be my pineal/3rd eye?
It is common for me to feel the crown chakra buzzing and tingling–that happens often, but having this opening was something different.
Alandra ~ Bali

While listening to angelic/freeing music Deborah worked her loving care over my heart, spirit and body from a remote location. The healing session is done via Skype and I was immensely grateful for the opportunity to experience this healing. While she worked I felt the desire to ask archangel Michael to give me a sign that he was with me. I asked to see some blue light to know he was there. I saw some blue light several times move around behind my eyelids. Mostly, though I saw a lot of violet light. Later when I asked Deborah she reassured me that I had indeed connected with archangel Michael. After the session: I felt very light as if a great boulder had been lifted off of me. I couldn’t really understand why that might be. I had never experienced a Reiki session before. In addition, following our session Deborah asked me if I felt any pressure or touch near or on my head. I said no. She then told me that I had several visitors during the session including Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Saint Germain and Jesus. Jesus had his loving hand on my forehead…… I was blown away. Jesus, Wow!!! My delight was unmatched. I could only attribute this sense of well being and lightness to HIS generous LOVE and willingness to BE WITH ME. In truth, I think Jesus visits us often but we are mostly unaware of his presence in our lives. I can’t thank Deborah enough for being a conduit of Love, Grace and Truth. I highly recommend that this gift of Reiki be experienced by you dear reader. The gift awaits. Humbly I thank Deborah again…..and gratefully I bow to higher energies that worked through her to lift my heart and soul. ~ Namaste. Naomi ~ Illinois USA

I just had the most incredible healing ever!!! Debbie and I decided to give each other a remote healing session. I did my “as above, so below” Crystal Therapy on her while she gave me her loving Reiki Healing and we called in the Divine.  My eyes were closed, and I was sitting very comfortably in a chair feeling such love all around me,  while Debbie was laying on her bed with “remote crystal energy” above and below her.  We were  sending each other remote  energy  at the same time and it was amazing.  I  felt and saw a vision of Jesus laying His hand on my heart which brought tears to my eyes which gave me such a feeling of love.  At my crown chakra suddenly started having tingles and I  was surrounded in the most beautiful white light. I was explaining to Debbie, what was happening in my visions as well as in my body. The color that I was seeing in my minds eye were the colors of each one of my chakras, so each one of my chakras were being “worked” on by this Divine energy.  The flow of love continued down my body all the way to my toes and I felt such peace. When I felt that my healing session had ended, I heard a voice in my head state, ” We have finished our inspection now.”  I laughed at the humor in that comment.  Debbie is very loving and caring in calling on all the Angels and Ascended Masters,  the healing energy was so incredible and I am so grateful for this session.
I am sure Debbie would oblige if anyone would like to book a ‘Double Whammy’ session with the two of us together. Let her know and we’ll arrange it for you. Make sure you have nothing else planned for the day because this experience is like a ‘Day at the Spa’! Super relaxing, and super loving healing swirling around you!
Mary E. Gates ~ USA