Reiki Attunement Testimonials

I received the Diamond Light Reiki Attunement from Debbie in early February this year. I have 20+ years experience as a Reiki  Master & Teacher. This attunement is exceptional. It is the strongest yet. I felt the Diamond sphere come into my energy field at my solar plexus, it sent rainbow colors all through me, anchored in to Mother Earth, and then expanded out into the Universe. It is wonderful and balancing and beautiful! I highly recommend Diamond Light Reiki for everyone, whether for healing self, or for the attunement experience itself. Thank you Debbie!

Ellyn E. Schroeder

Reiki Master &Teacher @  The Light Path

My experience in learning ReiKi is beyond any expectations. Debbie is an excellent teacher and gave me so much information & tips in using ReiKi in everyday life. Receiving the ReiKi Attunement is a wonderful gift. I felt completely rejuvenated after ReiKi 1. I was so excited that I could heal myself and channel ReiKi through my body. I felt the energy flowing through my whole being. After practicing ReiKi on myself for a certain period I felt ready for the next Level and contacted Debbie to discuss with her the next step. Debbie is a real Master – patient, supportive, passionate, gifted and experienced. She welcomes you with a beautiful smile and delivers the knowledge very clearly and in an understandable way. When I received ReiKi 2, I felt the flow of the Life force energy more intensive as before. Each level of Diamond Light ReiKi made me feel more relaxed and gave me a deeper understanding of ReiKi and myself. Once I received the Master Level, my connection intensified. This is Life changing! I really appreciate Debbie for putting so much effort into teaching her experience and know how. Thank you Debbie! I would certainly recommend this to anyone that feels guided to learn ReiKi. For me, it was exactly what I wanted. Thank you! ~ Daniela, Germany.”

Daniela Vogt

Reiki Master & Teacher @  Love Mind Matter