Distant Reiki Healing is the most affordable and effective way of receiving Reiki healing energies in the new paradigm. It enables you to receive this wonderful healing energy in the comfort of your own home, sitting in your favorite comfy chair or lying down on your bed or couch, no matter where you are in the world. Energy travels at the speed of thought at there is no limit to the distance it can travel.

We use the powerful Diamond Light for our ReiKi healing energy. We act as facilitators for the Diamond Light healing energy which we source through the highest aspect of ourselves, the Archangels and Ascended Masters.

The Diamond Light codes replenish, rejuvenate, and heal at all levels and restores balance within your physical, mental and emotional bodies, so you can once again enjoy full health, vitality and well-being.


The first time I came across Debbie was for Guidance! She and Archangel Michael helped me to heal from a very painful break up! Debbie is such loving, beautiful soul and a very gifted energy healer! I feel so grateful for her support and healing. She is very much in tune with the angelic realm and works very closely with Archangel Michael as they have a deep bond. My first ReiKi experience with Debbie was very calming and relaxing. I felt a little tingling sensation. After the ReiKi treatment I felt joyful and loved. My vibration was lifted into a state of bliss and happiness, while I felt a little sad before the ReiKi session. The wonderful presence of Debbie already lifted my Mind-Set just before the Reiki Healing started. It is such an amazing experience that I am so happy to have done for myself! Ever since I enjoy very much each ReiKi session with Debbie and Archangel Michael. Each time, more layers are lifted and unexpected memories came to the surface for healing. The Diamond Light ReiKi works very gentle and goes to where it is needed the most. I can even sense now, where the energy works and feel the stored energy being released from my tissues. Most of the time I feel a warm sensation at my back! I love the experience of ReiKi so much that I decided to ask Debbie for a ReiKi Attunement! Archangel Michael and Debbie agreed on giving me the ReiKi Attunement. I was very excited and happy to receive such a powerful Healing System. I am thrilled that I decided to take the step to learn Reiki and I know that I will definitely use it every day in my life, it’s a beautiful gift to have received and I would recommend it to anyone. Thank you Debbie and Archangel Michael for your help, guidance, healing, support and trust in me!

I Love you. Thank you!

Daniela, Germany

Love Mind Matter

Distant Reiki Healing Sessions

Energy is not bound by space and time, therefore it is possible to send the energy anywhere in the world and it will reach its intended recipient, you, within an instant. Overlighted by Archangel Michael, and assisted by the Ascended Reiki Masters, and the Elementals, the precious Diamond Light energy is transmitted at a designated time suited to you.  There are two options available to you in which you can receive the energy:

  1. We connect via a LIVE Skype Video Call where you can interact with me and ask questions etc.,
  2. We send the energy remotely at a time designated by yourself.

Either way you receive the energy is perfect. You can be lying down or sitting comfortably in your favorite chair, or if you prefer, you may receive it during the evenings when you are sleeping.  Archangel Michael will overlight the healing session to ensure that you receive the energy perfectly in every way.


Half-Hour Distant Reiki Healing Sessions – Please choose below:

Please note that these are powerful healing sessions, so please be kind to your body and drink plenty fresh filtered water and take the time to rest sufficiently after you have received the healing energy.  With each session, you will feel lighter as more and more of the blocked dense energy is cleared away.

During the session, you may feel a slight warmth moving down your spinal column and/or a tingling sensation in the area’s being worked on. This is normal. Don’t be alarmed if you feel nothing. Not everyone is sensitive to energy, but that doesn’t mean the energy is not working for you. You may also feel emotional as blocked energy is released. Sometimes people will cry and not know why. This is also okay. Just be willing to let the sadness, or whatever other emotion arises, be released.

What is Reiki Energy?

Simply put, Reiki energy is Universal Life Force Energy. It is the energy that beats your heart and grows babies from a single fertilized ovum. It is the energy that powers all living things. It is all powerful and its Source is infinite.

You can assist in your healing by maintaining a positive outlook and holding an attitude of gratitude for the energy you are receiving from the Universe. Allow yourself to receive the energy with an open mind and with the intention of being healed. Also note that this energy has supreme consciousness and it knows where to go and what is needed for healing to occur. You may feel thirsty or feel a great need to eat certain foods. This is the energy guiding you to assist your body in the healing process. It is advisable to stay away from alcohol and any other form of stimulant whilst receiving the energy.

Who can have Reiki?

  • Anyone, even if you are pregnant you can enjoy the benefits of Reiki;
  • Anyone suffering from disease, even if you are suffering from a serious illness like cancer;
  • People who suffer from depression and anxiety disorders;
  • People who suffer from inflammation from arthritis etc.;
  • Headache and migraine sufferers;
  • People who are needing to strengthen their immune system etc.;
  • Basically anyone, even children, babies, unborn babies and even pets.

Reiki is a non-invasive and an extremely effective form of healing. It is 100% safe. You cannot be given too much, or too little. It works in accordance with your individual needs.

Do I need Reiki?

Yes, everyone needs this Universal Life Force energy! It is not just for people who are in need of healing from an illness. Everyone needs healing on some level to help re-balance and re-align their energy body. Reiki will help to restore balance to the body by removing blocked energy from the body’s energy centers or chakra’s. When these blockages are cleared you will feel lighter and freer. The idea is to keep clearing and keep cleaning out the clutter as you take on more and more higher frequency energy into your energy body. Negative or discordant energy will keep you blocked and ‘stuck’ in old belief patterns and negative thought forms attracting more of the same for you. Energy needs to flow!

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or message me if you have any other questions concerning Reiki.

Thank you!


Reiki Healing Testimonials

I felt the energy!!! Wow 🙂 I put grass in my hands and kept them open, never did that before. The energy was really strong and I can still feel it some. I cried, but it was a good feeling to do so and I was smiling after each cry. Thank YOU Debbie! It truly felt like a miracle. I normally don’t feel energy, so great!!! Only felt energy before when I would receive a spiritual gift from God and the Angels. ~ Tara, USA

Dear Debbie, I would like to write to you because I wanted you to know this. I am so much grateful to you!!! Thank you for touching my life! Thank you for helping me. Today, suddenly , unbelievable I could find the main reason causing all these feelings in my life. By your help a lifetime knot, a lifetime block is destructed. It was coming from my birth stage and childhood! It is incredible that I paid so much efforts for many years to find out this main stone [blockage] , the main reason but the answer just came suddenly and unexpectedly after your healing session! Thank you Debbie! Lots of thank you and love. ~ B.Y., Turkey

The healing was great again! I went to a deep meditation with My Beloved afterwards! I wasn’t able to see much this time, but when I woke up , I felt lighter and at peace !
The healing is amazing! I do hope it will speed up the process of clearing and cleansing exponentially …but I do feel so much better!…And my heart is bubbly and I can almost hear it sing! ( can you believe that? ) Amazing !!!! Thank you for the healing! Amazing ! amazing ! amazing ! I feel like night and day ! ~ Gen. – New Jersey, USA

First, when I laid down on my bed the pain on my back and butt was overwhelming because all the scratching had made my skin raw, but I made myself lie back down and boom! I felt you zero in on my solar plexus. It was so strong that I almost felt that it was holding me down! The energy felt like a strong current that covered the width of my body, like a wide band, and continued until I was completely relaxed (that took several minutes) and eventually the pain began to dissipate. First from my arms, then my legs, my belly and then slowly from my back and began to lessen on my bottom. Have you ever had high-powered drugs for pain? It felt like that at first–the drug makes you feel so relaxed and good that you know you are still in pain, but you don’t care! That is how I felt until the energy quelled the pain. 
This current was strong!!! Then I could feel when you stopped. My butt still hurt some, but after a few more minutes, all that pain was gone too. Then…this was so wild!…my crown chakra began tingling and the buzzing spread until the sensation went down my head to my ears. Then there was pressure on the top of my head in addition to the tingling that became rather uncomfortable. It felt that the top of my head was opening and being drilled down into my head, so that it was a cone-shaped opening with the point facing down. I think it went down to my pineal gland, it was in the middle of my head and my 3rd eye began buzzing too. And this lasted at least 10 minutes is my guess. And then that sensation gradually returned to normal and I was able to get up and move around. That spinning cone would be my pineal/3rd eye?
It is common for me to feel the crown chakra buzzing and tingling–that happens often, but having this opening was something different. ~ Alandra, Bali

While listening to angelic/freeing music Deborah worked her loving care over my heart, spirit and body from a remote location. The healing session is done via Skype and I was immensely grateful for the opportunity to experience this healing. While she worked I felt the desire to ask archangel Michael to give me a sign that he was with me. I asked to see some blue light to know he was there. I saw some blue light several times move around behind my eyelids. Mostly, though I saw a lot of violet light. Later when I asked Deborah she reassured me that I had indeed connected with archangel Michael. After the session: I felt very light as if a great boulder had been lifted off of me. I couldn’t really understand why that might be. I had never experienced a Reiki session before. In addition, following our session Deborah asked me if I felt any pressure or touch near or on my head. I said no. She then told me that I had several visitors during the session including Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Saint Germaine and Jesus. Jesus had his loving hand on my forehead…… I was blown away. Jesus, Wow!!! My delight was unmatched. I could only attribute this sense of well being and lightness to HIS generous LOVE and willingness to BE WITH ME. In truth, I think Jesus visits us often but we are mostly unaware of his presence in our lives. I can’t thank Deborah enough for being a conduit of Love, Grace and Truth. I highly recommend that this gift of Reiki be experienced by you dear reader. The gift awaits. Humbly I thank Deborah again…..and gratefully I bow to higher energies that worked through her to lift my heart and soul. ~ Namaste. Naomi, Illinois, USA

I just had the most incredible healing ever!!! Debbie and I decided to give each other a remote healing session. I did my “as above, so below” Crystal Therapy on her while she gave me her loving Reiki Healing and we called in the Divine.  My eyes were closed, and I was sitting very comfortably in a chair feeling such love all around me,  while Debbie was laying on her bed with “remote crystal energy” above and below her.  We were  sending each other remote  energy  at the same time and it was amazing.  I  felt and saw a vision of Jesus laying His hand on my heart which brought tears to my eyes which gave me such a feeling of love.  At my crown chakra suddenly started having tingles and I  was surrounded in the most beautiful white light. I was explaining to Debbie, what was happening in my visions as well as in my body. The color that I was seeing in my minds eye were the colors of each one of my chakras, so each one of my chakras were being “worked” on by this Divine energy.  The flow of love continued down my body all the way to my toes and I felt such peace. When I felt that my healing session had ended, I heard a voice in my head state, ” We have finished our inspection now.”  I laughed at the humor in that comment.  Debbie is very loving and caring in calling on all the Angels and Ascended Masters,  the healing energy was so incredible and I am so grateful for this session.
I am sure Debbie would oblige if anyone would like to book a ‘Double Whammy’ session with the two of us together. Let her know and we’ll arrange it for you. Make sure you have nothing else planned for the day because this experience is like a ‘Day at the Spa’! Super relaxing, and super loving healing swirling around you! ~  Mary E. Gates, California USA

I love Reiki! When Debbie gave me my first Reiki healing via skype, I had a very soft tickle feeling on  my whole body. I also felt incredibly relaxed and at peace. I was feeling sad just before the call, but then just as she called I felt myself smile and relax. It was an amazing experience and I loved it all the way. My sad feelings were gone in an instant and she even helped me to release my blockages in my chakras. Amazing. Thank you so so so much. I feel high spirited now. Thank you! ~ Daniela, Germany

Thank You!

Distant Reiki Attunements

Distant ReiKi attunements are becoming common practice now that we are aware that there is no such thing as time and space. Dr. Mikao Usui himself had no one physically present to attune him! I believe it was Sunat Kumara who attuned Dr. Mikao Usui in the over-lighting Presence of Archangel Michael!

It is also my understanding that there are certain Ascended Master Beings and Archangels, Archangel Michael being one of these Archangels, who work with ReiKi Healers on the Earth and that these Light Beings continue to work with the Student following his or her attunement to the Reiki energy.

As ReiKi Healers we act merely as the facilitator or channel on a grounded level for the Ascended Healing Masters and Archangels to channel the energy of Reiki. The more clear we become as Vessels of Light, the stronger the energy we allow to flow freely and uninhibited through us.

Distant ReiKi attunements are almost always a very special and profound Spiritual experience for the Student. This ancient healing modality will give value to your life in ways that will astound you. How much this energy will enhance your life, depends entirely on how much time you are willing to dedicate to your healing practice. I always suggest Students follow their inner guidance and intuition and if in doubt ask Archangel Michael or their Higher Self and team of Guides for their guidance.

It is my belief and understanding through my association and work with Archangel Michael  and the Ascended Masters, that ReiKi cannot be taught like other healing modalities, because once you become attuned to ReiKi, it is the energy itself that becomes The Teacher through your close interaction and relationship with the energy itself, and the Ascended Masters and Archangels who choose to work with and through you, continue to lead you into a deeper understanding into the magical healing wonder of this energy.

The ReiKi attunements themselves have a very powerful balancing and healing effect for the Student. Since energy spins at different levels of vibration and frequency, there are 3 levels of attunement:

ReiKi Level I – US$120

The Student is given the basic Reiki Symbols through a process of 4 initiations. At this level the Student can use the ReiKi Energy to heal themselves and give hands-on healing to others.

ReiKi Level II – US$160

A Student who has been attuned to Level 1 is allowed to proceed to Level 2. At this level an even higher frequency of Reiki Energy is passed to the Student which enables them to use the distance ReiKi symbol for distance healing.

Reiki Level III – Master Attunement – US$220

A Student who has been attuned to Level 2 is allowed to proceed to Master Level. At this level the Student receives an even higher frequency of Reiki Energy. The Student is given the Master Symbol in this attunement. This level opens the energy centers even further to allow for a deeper level of Reiki healing energy to be channeled through them.  As a Reiki Master, the Student is empowered to pass on this ancient healing modality to others.

During the ReiKi attunement process, the ReiKi Master acts as the facilitator and an open channel for the Universal Life Force Energy of ReiKi to be received by the Student. The Energy is received by the Student through the Crown chakra at the top of the Student’s head and down through the body and out through the hands and feet.

All distant Reiki Attunements are conducted over Skype via a video connection.  It is recommended that a Student first practice working with the first 2 levels of ReiKi for a period of at least 2 months before becoming attuned to the Master Level.

Please contact me if you feel guided to become attuned to Reiki.

Thank you!


Personal Breakthrough Healing Sessions

This Personal Breakthrough Healing Intensive is a 4 week life-changing experience that will assist you and empower you towards living the life of your dreams. Over a 4 week period we will break through emotional and mental blocks that are holding you back and preventing you from experiencing a deeper and more fulfilled life.

The healing is achieved at a deep cellular level within the physical, emotional and mental bodies. During the Intensive Healing process, you will:

  • Release emotional blocks that are causing you to feel stuck and are holding you back;
  • Clear blocked energy that is causing ill-health, ongoing physical issues, relationship issues, financial issues etc.;
  • Clear unhealthy and non-serving patterns of behavior like low self-esteem, fear and anxiety, emotional eating etc.;
  • Overcome emotional trauma and causes of depressed behavior;
  • Experience healing on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

4 Week Personal Breakthrough Healing IntensiveUS$480

  • 4 One-Hour Skype sessions over a 4 week period and
  • 4 Half-Hour Distant ReiKi Healing sessions.

In each Skype session I will help you to identify non-serving patterns of behavior and beliefs that are causing your energetic blocks.

You will receive an intense Reiki healing session at an agreed time – usually just before bedtime or during sleep time. These sessions are designed to break through energetic blocks in your energy centers or chakras. We prefer to do these sessions at bedtime or in sleep state because the body is much more receptive to the healing energy when the mind is relaxed.

Once you’ve made the decision to change your life, there is no holding back! The ReiKi energy will work with you to help you in every possible way to enrich and enhance your living experience.

This personal breakthrough healing is a profound Spiritual experience regardless of any expectation you may have. You will become closer to discovering your True Self and Soul. You may begin to experience enhanced perception and increased awareness of your Spiritual Guides and Guardian Angel.

 You are the Star of your own creation, like the Sun rising on the horizon to awaken the World

~ The Pleiadians